We rapidly turning digital, however not only in social networks. All brands loaded upon digital, like digital furniture, digital electric car, navigation, etc. Each place turned into large screen along with the development of display technologies.

Each person protects himself/herself with own telephone or sending something though attack to someone. We are able to find anthing which is interested for us via internet. Our social life capsized to digital.  Hereby, we could not find the radiation yet, however we can reach to people with instant messages.

Furthmore, people may think that we are fall into a digital loneliness since we prefer to convey our thoughts without meeting.

We easly share everthingregarding us and informed others on that anywhere with internet access curtainly, this convenience resulted in changes in our social life. Moreover, it raised the curtain between men and women.

Besides, barriers removed due to gaining a product we may reach any desired product from place we sit.  We easly get information on film, music or anthingh we want to know.

Certainly, technology is good, but if human does not learn how to use technology in simple way in this case he will destroy his life as a prison of it.

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