The difference among the products will provide competitive products with approperate name and symbol whichreflects the significant properties of the appointment as important as branding strategies.


Slogan or motto - a person, group, organization or target of organization and means of the name that determines phrase or list or words.

In many countries, cities, universities and other organizations have own motto. The origin of the word comes from the Italian languages and meaning in Latin is "mutter, murmuring"

Company initially remains in the memory with its brand, later with motto.  i.e; when we hear motto “Encyclopedia” immidiatly we remember "Wicipedia" brand. Meanwhile, the slogan is very important in terms of brand recognition.

The slogan is not only important for companies, it has also  great importance for private and public organizations, universities, hospitals, hotels, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, sports clubs, as well as political parties.

How the “slogan” is realized in our dictionary?  Slogan is word of short and striking propaganda and determines the purpose and vision of the brand.


1. Short and striking word which reminds idea easly and again stated in that way.

2. As a good feature identifying the purposes and means of identity, unity and organization in a fundamental way.

How should be the features of slogan?

A good slogan should have the following features;

Simplicity: should not be usual sentence i.e many markets use the slogan “valid addressing of shoping”.  This is succefful motto however, due to used by majority, it doesn’t make sence for customer any more.

Durability: your motto should be durable therefore, you have to find best represented sentence and provide its durability.

Memorable: It can not be sentence with difficult pronunciation meanwhile, memorable and simple motto will provide remembering for a long time.   

Short: the most influentional mottos consist of one – four words also crucial for keeping in mind. 

 Ambitious: being ambitious is also nessesary for sales. Ambitious sale could be advantageos in competitive market for example the motto of Audi "Advancement through Technology " is ambitious and succesfull.

Real: The motto which announce impossible promises can not achieve effective outcome. Selection of motto is important factor in order to create a slogan which should be suitable with company’s acts and to be acts.



Generating a brand or company name is becoming more difficult in each passing day.Through increasingcompetition and communication, the most important element of diference is to create name and it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. In the period of the rapid development of communications and marketing we can see the brand names. When we survey the previous brands such as Kigılı, Ülker, Kochtash and etc. we may see that brands’ founders name and surnames have been benefited in order to create brands’ names. Even, we may witness that these kind of reliability of brands are due to their founders. 

Brand name is defined as a form of expressionreflecting the brand's promise. Furthermore, an effective brand name integrating the brand's functional and symbolic components with the brand promise and also enshuresacquiantence of customers within brand identity and brand positioning strategy. Shortly, the most important distinctions of brands from others is correct appointment of brand name. 

Before start the first stage in the process of brand-name, must be decided appropriate name for product or service.Climbing before taking the decision is like paddling accros the ocean. According to research middle quality brand with interesting namehas very good sales. If your product fails in market with ordinary name it will be difficult to get benefit even product quality change. Therefore,the first ideas for the determination of brand name gained by help of advertising agency or marketing research organizations. Companies which are conducting scientific work in the investigation processof brand name;

    * Call tests (what kind of prestigous comes to mind)

    * Learning tests (can a name easly be said?)

    * tests of remembering (how the name remembered)

    *Alternative tests (which names was selected)

These kind of methods used.

    * No meaning but interesting titles (Sony, Kodak)

    *No relation with functions of product. (Panda, Omo)

    * Reflecting the quality of the product or its function (Yunsa)

    *The product reflects how it works or what it is (Silen, Yumoş)

    * Benefited from further foreign words(Lux)

    * Belong to founders of companies (Ford, Vakko, Gillette, Hilton, Honda, Dell, Ülker)

    * Belong to famous people (Lincoln, Napoleon)

    * From names of regioins (BMW, BP, Marlboro)

    *From nature (animal, plant) (Palmolive, Apple, Coca Cola, Shell)

    * From first letters of company (IBM, BMW)

As it may be in varous types.

There are three basic function of brand name.

    * describing a product or service which allows opportunity to consumer if accept it or not.

    * Communication may establish with customer by delivering messages which describe a brand within symbolic or functional features(or both in once).

    * Protecting the value of company with legal protection function.

Required criteria should be following for the process of determining the brand name:

    *It should be easy to remember and to pronunciation. Long named brands may endanger a potentially lucrative market.

    * It should reflect the benefit and quality of product.   Functions of product should be appropriated with selection of brand name. (Head & Shoulders)

    * Should be distinguishing. It can not be similar with name of competitors, must be chosen as introducing product and features will be differentiated.

    *Sound-letter-grammatical features should be considered as well.

  *It should be realizeable to adapt and should be also suitable for products that will be added ahead. 

    *its compliance with international community also has to be considered. The namesof products should not be created a negative impact on international market.

Shortly, generation of brand name that compliance with brand strategy and promise will minimize marketing costs moreover, will provide remembered more easly by consumers and will make differentiation among your competitors.

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