Differences between SEM and SEO

If you are interested in digital marketing or digitial fields, you should aware of concepts of SEO and SEM. Get profited from SEM and SEO’s optimization.

What is SEO?

As mentioned before SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization. 95% of users focused on result of first page of search engine therefore if you succeeding one of the first results with help of SEO it will increased the advantage of your web-site. If you need to explain to Google, Google will collect all the results are written in a certain subject and will divide to separate groups due to reliability and popularity of web sites.

In this case, link of your site is sharing upon reliable sites, and will be seemed more valuableinGoogle's algorithm and also its visibility will increase in first pages.  While Google making decision on result ranking, it does not only consider number of links but, focus on the reliability of shared sites as well. This system was created by Larry Page and was named in his honor as Page Rank.

For this reason, your web-site will attract the users, as well as will comply with law of Google PageRank. For selection of your web-site by customers constantly one of the most successful way is user experience.

There are 3 rules that are important for work of SEO.

• Topics

• URL (Links)

• Reliable information

What is SEM?

SEM is a term which used as Search Engine Marketing and it’s also important such as SEO.

SEM usualy used for positioning in the search engines results of web-site of upload.

Firstly, mostly used word or expression should be determined in research related to your brand and to any field that you are intended to advertise. Later through this, you can provide step forwarding of web-site search or screen advertisement. In other word, as SEM opposed to SEO your brand is place of your done ads, as well as Google AdWords, in each clicks SEM also requires a certain amount due to popularity of word from allocated advertising budget.

If we shortly look trough differences between these two important application for your web site and customer number, it is possible to say that small additions in our web-site is for gaining of SEO while SEM is paid brand promotion.


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